Apple Shooter – Shooting Game

many gamesApple shooter is the game that requires the player to use his mind to achieve accuracy. It is played online without the need of the accuracy. The game lets you hit the apple that it is found on the head of a friend.

How to Play Apple Shooter

A bow or an arrow is allowed to hit the apple. You may use the mouse to bend or to angle an arrow to achieve a proper direction and that you can hit the apple without any miss. The game forwards the next level without having to hit the apple in a successful way. Every level of the game will position you somehow a little further to the target and this is going to increase complexity level of the game. You can play the Apple Shooter to train shooting skills.

Whenever you hit at any place of your friend, the game will end at once.  The game is easy to play and simple and any person regardless of the age may play it.  The children may see the game to be interesting and it becomes challenging as they advance to a higher level. It tests the patience of a person since the person has to angle the arrow in perfect way so that he can hit the apple.  The game helps in improving the logical and analytical skills.

The Game Play


Apple shooter is an addictive game which is growing in the popularity on a high level.  The premise of the game is too simple and the user can start the archer that it is found in two dimensional ranges and have to fire the arrow in the apple that resides at the top of the head of a friend. This is like what happened in the archery tale. Every time you do hit the apple in a successful way, the distance found between you together with your friend increases and this starts on twenty feet and every level will add at least five more feet from you and your friend. An upper left corner has the indicator of the altitude of the bow and it conveys the power found behind every shot. If you can hold in the left mouse longer, the arrow will travel further.  A simple click will make the arrow to travel without using any distance.

Features of Apple Shooter

When you miss, you have to hope only that you shot a wall found behind a friend since when you shot a friend; you will get disturbing images with the death animations that are coupled with the bloodcurdling sounds. Graphics are simple and they feature two dimensional model.  The game feature Wilhelm Tell and a friend, arrow, bow with an apple together with a brick and a grass wall.  The game is addictive and once someone gets the hang of the game, he can find himself getting the trouble of not being able to quite.  Whenever you shoot a friend, you will have to start again from the start. The game was developed under Andrew Wolf who is a designer of many games that are available on the website and the sounds are from N8 Music.